Our Student Cohorts

Cohort 5 Spring '20

2020 started off with a bang with our new group of men eager to learn Microsoft Office, job skills, and more! This will be our second group to utilize the revolutionary business simulation program from Hubro Education, putting learned skills into practice by running real online businesses and competing in small teams. This will be our first group utilizing the QuickBooks official software for learning beginning bookkeeping, bringing our students the most needed tools for success in today's economy. 

Cohort 4 Fall '19

Filled beyond capacity, our 15 desk classroom overflowed to accommodate students bringing their own laptops to learn Microsoft Excel, Word, beginning accounting, Amazon sales, resume writing, and more! This group finishes classes 12/12/19, stay tuned for news of their job placements! 

Cohort 3 Summer '19

The summer group was a motivated cohort of self-starters! This group included several who's interest peaked while learning coding or accounting, and went on to learn these subjects more in-depth and pursue a certificate program. We placed:

  • Inventory control

  • Business start-up

  • Social Media Mgmt

  • Data Manager

  • Assistant Principal

  • Office Administrator

  • Construction Admin

  • Food & Beverage 

Cohort 2 Spring '19

Our second group was an intense increase exponentially as we added extra subjects to explore new career areas in our curriculum: accounting, E-Commerce, etc. This was a small, close-knit group who started their jobs and never looked back! They work in:

  • Bakery management

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Office Manager

  • Admin - Medical Supplies


Cohort 1 Fall '18

Our very first group and the pioneering students of CHCH! These students came from a wide variety of backgrounds and employment history, with some going on to pursue higher education after graduating and some landed jobs in:

  • Entrepreneur E-Commerce venture

  • Administrative work

  • Logistics Coordinator

  • And more! 

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