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Third Group Graduates!

Classes finished with a smashing success here at Crown Heights Career Hub! Our diverse group of men ranged from ages 19-30, from places as close as Crown Heights, Midwood, and Flatbush to as far as Israel, London, and Canada. They came with job backgrounds from no work experience to men with Associates degrees and real estate management experience. The whole gamut!

They learned Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook, SQL, they explored using Google Docs/Sheets, they learned Amazon selling, Coding, E-Commerce, and E-Security on an introductory level. They learned to format and write resumes, how to interview, social dynamics in the work force and how to solve conflicts. They worked together in groups and practiced as a unified cohort as if they were coworkers, truly preparing for the working world.

Now the exciting part - where will they go next?

Our first placement was in a local Brooklyn company where our graduate will be working in an office and warehouse setting handling customer service, inventory, database management of goods, and E-Commerce. He will have a training period to learn their internal systems, complementing the skills he learned with us over the past six weeks. He successfully passed the Excel test during his job interview where they were impressed with how adept he was in problem solving and his approach working on the computer across the board. He landed a comfortable salaried position with growth opportunities around the corner. Congrats!

Job placements are currently going-on with all of our 15 graduates. Stay tuned for more job news from Crown Heights Career Hub! If you would like to partner with us and hire one of our graduates, email us at s.gold@jccgci.org.

Happy Monday!


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