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New Group Off to a Great Start!

Our second group of students started in the beginning of February at Crown Heights Career Hub. We welcomed the new group with an orientation where they met the instructors, familiarized themselves with the curriculum and classroom, and got to know one-another.

Week One

In the first week we introduced basic computer concepts, keyboarding skills, & begun Microsoft Excel - jumping right into the material! In terms of soft skills we addressed accountability and punctuality, keeping our word and commitments in the workplace. Students started their first homework assignments, and finished the week off with a lot to think about over the weekend.

Week Two

Second week continued with Microsoft Excel and we added Microsoft Word into the mix! Students completed a standardized test of Math and English as well as a pre-survey to assess their skill levels early on, as well as additional administrative paperwork. In soft skills we discussed workplace communication and workplace dynamics to help our students navigate the working world internally within the company as well as externally with clients/customers.

Week Three

Week three continued with Excel, Word, and keyboarding, as well introducing interview decorum and tools for our mock interviews to begin shortly. They are hard at work arriving on time each day at 9am and staying for the duration of classes, asking questions and completing homework assignments daily. We have a local bank manager coming next week to discuss basic bank account owning and management, and will give our students a chance to meet with a local professional and see workplace attire and demeanor first hand.

About Our Current Students:

Our students hail from the religious Jewish community of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. They finished their high school and post-secondary rabbinic studies and are eager to enter the workforce using their talents and skills efficiently to make a difference and provide for their families.

So far in the current group we have interest in entering fields such as:

  • Property Management

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Sales

  • Warehouse Management

  • Healthcare Administration

  • Computers & Technology

  • Corporate Management

  • Startup/young company

We’ll see where the opportunities lie when it is time to start their internships! We take into account personality, personal interest, and company’s availability when placing the students in their 8 week paid internships.

The classroom portion is half-way through - those internships are right around the corner!

Till next time,


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