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Start of Classes!!

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

And….after all the setup and preparations..CLASSES HAVE BEGUN!!!

The program headed off to a great start. We held a two hour orientation for new students on the first day. Everyone received their welcome packets, met the instructors, and got acquainted with each other and with their computers. Our IT director was on hand to ensure everything ran smoothly, and we had sushi and drinks for everyone. It was a great start!

We had an easy transition the next day with our first full day of classes 9am-4pm. Students arrived alert and awake, pens at the ready and all eyes up paying attention to the coursework. Our two instructors Hector and Marioh assessed the students’ computer abilities and levels, and dove right into the curriculum. They started with Microsoft Word in the morning, composing letters and typing skills.

The students brought their lunches or went out to grab a quick bite, and were back after the break for the afternoon session of Soft Skills. They began discussing communication with a boss or manager, sending professional emails, and public speaking skills in the workplace.

Everyone is getting the hang of the class schedule and material, with Hector and Marioh devoting extra time during lunch or after classes to answer questions and/or assist students who need extra help.

Looking forward to writing our next update!

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