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Our Physical Location - It's Story

The Real Estate market in NYC is skyrocketing. Properties are scarce, prices are high, and if you are selling/renting business must be booming.

Finding a location for our new program thus became similar to finding a needle in the haystack. We looked and looked and looked, and finally closed on a location two blocks from the center of Crown Heights - perfect for our students.

The location, though ideal in it’s proximity to the bustling community center, was largely in disrepair. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, had to be gutted and redone. A construction project we thought would take one month ended up taking close to six months to be operational, and another couple months for aesthetic and finishing touches to be finished.

Below see some before pics, and scroll down for the after!

After images below:

Kudos to our program director Neil for all of his hard work and patience throughout this endeavor!

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