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Cohort 6 Goes Virtual!

Addressing the COVID-19 Workplace Reality

Cohort 6 was our first ever ENTIRELY VIRTUAL CHCH course! From start to finish, each student logged in from the comfort of their own home, fully accessing the course material and receiving personal attention from the instructors. The class followed the original in-person schedule of 9am-4pm with a one hour break in the middle, and there were Q&A sessions sprinkled throughout the day as well as optional troubleshooting as needed.

Without the physical constraints of the classroom and limited seating, we were able to fill up with 20 students! All logging in from various areas of the United States, Florida, Minnesota, California, and New York! As long as they had stable internet access and audio/video capabilities, they were all set.

This course focused on our curriculum of Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook, Google complements (Google Sheets, etc.), as well as the mini units of Bookkeeping, Data management, cyber security, Amazon sales, coding, and more. They participated in the one week business simulation and ran “real” businesses online, competing against each other in all decisions such as HR, financial, capital, product design, etc.

Upon completion of this virtual career course, as of this blog entry already 5 are hired in full time positions, 5 have applied to complete a course in higher education, and the remainder are in various stages of interviewing and applying for jobs. Keep checking here for the status of our graduates!

Congrats to Cohort 6! You are more than ready and qualified to work in this new Covid-19 workplace.

For hiring inquiries, please email us at n.schwerd@jccgci.org

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