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4th Successful Class!

Crown Heights Career Hub graduates ANOTHER career and job skills course!

This course in Fall 2019 consisted of 15 talented men from all different backgrounds and capabilities, who came together to learn Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook, Google complements, Amazon sales, Basic Bookkeeping, and much, much more!

Cohort 4 was the first group to try our revolutionary Virtual Business Simulation program! Produced in Norway by a professional education company, this business simulation created a real-world scenario for each student to start and run a business! They founded the business, made all financial, human resources, and product decisions, and competed in small groups against their classmates to see which business would be the most successful. It was extremely rewarding to see the students put their newly learned skills to work in an exciting, real-time business situation and gain exposure prior to employment.

After completing the 6 weeks of learning and additional business simulation week, they are off to the professional world! Some began jobs right away in careers with upside potential. A few decided to apply to advanced courses of study and pursue a higher education. The remaining students are currently interviewing and pursuing leads to begin their successful career paths.

Looking forward to the next group and to hearing more success stories from our graduates!


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