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3rd Women's Course!

Women's Bookkeeping Course!

The women are at it again. CHCH held it's third successful cohort of female business professionals embarking in the financial sector.

Crown Heights women enrolled and showed up for the eight-week evening course. It was held two evenings per week for 3 hours each session, with complete access to the teachers and fellow classmates for interaction and collaboration.

This course was tailored to women with prior Excel knowledge who desire a lucrative career in Bookkeeping/Accounting. The course focused on QuickBooks, enabling all participants and graduates to enter the workforce as beginning bookkeepers and gave them the tools to climb upwards from there in this in-demand field, especially sought after in the Covid-19 remote working environment.

The students also added to their knowledge bank brushing up on and learning more in depth Microsoft Excel, Amazon sales, and much much more! They wrote up reports, drafted and polished their resumes, and gained extensive database practice within Excel giving them all the tools necessary for complex database management positions.

Now after the culmination of the Winter course, many are pursuing job opportunities and are receiving valuable job coaching and assistance from CHCH’s program director Neil Schwerd. Some graduates went into business themselves, and are utilizing the skills learned at CHCH to run their businesses efficiently and smoothly.

Women of CH - we are here for YOU.

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