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2nd Group Concludes! Results

These young men TRANSFORMED in our 6 week classroom training!

They absorbed the Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, and SQL knowledge presented by Mr. Pena and Mr. Zapata. They asked questions, did complicated worksheets, practiced public speaking and gave oral presentations. The men fixed up their resumes and exceeded our expectations in mock and actual interviews.

Some examples of their successes are:

*Yossi was placed in a management role managing 3 divisions of a wholesale bakery

*Shmuel started in a full-time job marketing financial products and giving seminars representing the company

*Avi is being trained to be an office manager in online sales and operations

*David is exploring database management in a non-profit

*names changed for privacy

They are working full-time now, moving upwards and onward to better themselves and head towards a brighter future. Congrats to this group, and good job on all of your hard work and dedication!!

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