JOb fields

  • E-Commerce

  • Warehouse Distribution Management

  • Order Fulfillment/Customer Service

  • Database Management

  • Startup Online Sales

  • Office Management

  • Franchise Operations/Production Management

  • And more!

First our students learn Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, & Powerpoint. 

We discuss communication in the workplace and practice with case studies and real-life scenarios of managers and employees.

The students draft resumes and we practice with mock interviews.

Students are placed in FT jobs, salary depending on their previous job experience and level of confidence. 

Participants receive phone calls and drop-in visits by our program director and will have assistance dealing with any challenges in their new positions.

All job placements are in established positions and companies - they train within new employee regiments, working on projects and sharing their input. They are not getting coffee for their bosses - this is a start to a career with upside potential and an opportunity to get a hands-on enriching experience.

Property Mgmt

Property Mgmt is a growing and lucrative field! For more on what our intern does, check out this government page about the laws and regulations in NYC for housing, click here.

prop mgt (1).png

Healthcare Warehouse

What's it like to work in a warehouse? This article from balance careers shows a small insight, click here


Commission Sales

Forbes gives some great insight into the world of commission-based jobs, which this intern preferred vs a standard salary role. Click here for article.

cash advance company (2).png

Education/Non Profit

Our student is working for a major non-profit assisting private educational institutions access allocated government funding. See this great article by about the value of non-profit experience, click here.